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Maintenance - Hints & Tips!

When you purchase a garden its life expectancy can be increased by taking a little time throughout the year to look after the building and attend to any repairs before they become to serious. 



Your building comes with an exterior coat of Premium Grade 4:1 water-based wax enriched wood protection, which contains a sophisticated formulation combining a high-quality acrylic co-polymer with a paraffin wax. We strongly advise in order to maintain the quality and appearance of your building, that you treat all external surfaces within the first 6 months and then again annually with a good quality brush on solvent-based water repellent readily available from local DIY or building retailers. Alternatively, any other good quality shed treatment following the manufacturers guidelines on the back of the container. If installed correctly and treated regularly your building will give you years of pleasure. 

We all use a garden shed for storage and to keep garden accessories dry and away from weather, however it is important to ensure good ventilation to stop damp air building up. If there are no points for ventilation i.e; opening windows, space around the door or roof level these can easily be added. As air warms up it gathers a little moisture which will rise drawing in cooler air from the bottom until that warms up. So to allow this warm damp air to escape, drill a few holes on two opposite ends of the shed one high up and the other low down then cover with a plastic air vent this will allow cool air to enter and warm damp air to exit the shed. 

Some companies advertise “that no further treatment is needed” on their TANALISED® buildings; this is not completely true. The tanalising process does not protect the wood from water damage only against fungal decay and insect attack. For protection against water damage and to maintain the 15 year guarantee it is recommended that your building is treated with a quality water repellent soon after delivery and then again annually, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Regularly oil any moving parts such as locks and door or opening window hinges.

Check roof felt annually. If this starts to deteriorate, replace it immediately with a good quality replacement. Any overhanging tree and hedge growth should be cut back regularly as this can easily pierce the roof felt and encourage water ingress.
If you are in any doubt, or would like any advice, please visit the GET IN TOUCH page. 

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