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We do not sell our buildings through our website due to the bespoke nature of our service, we find each order differs slightly be it the colour, position of a door or window or the material you would like you building finished in. We find a phone call ensures we can check we have got everything just right and gives you the confidence in the team responsible for your garden building.

When placing an order we ask for a deposit to cover our material costs, when your order moves to production we kindly contact you and ask for the remaining balance to be paid as it won't be long before we are ready to deliver!

On receipt of an order we will send you copy of an invoice containing all your building details, we ask you to check this over and contact us if you have anything to query.

How to Place an Order

  1. We take orders via the telephone 01529 663455 or alternatively email us and arrange for a call back at a time that suits you.

  2. Alternatively you can make an initial enquiry by visiting and completing the short form on our "get in-touch" form.

  3. We will call or email you to get any further information we need for a quote or to progress an order.

  4. We accept debit/credit card payment by telephone, personal cheques and bank transfers. 

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