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Corrugated Roofing Kit for Garden Buildings
Watershed Roofing Kits for Garden Buildings provide a long-lasting roof for your garden building. Made from light-weight, easy-to-handle corrugated roofing tiles, rain water is channeled effectively down the slope of the roof and away from the building.

  • Install with the smooth side uppermost
  • Guaranteed against weathering for 10 years
  • Manufactured in compliance with EN534:1998 Corrugated Bitumen Sheets and ISO14001:2004 Environmental standards
  • Can be used instead of roofing felt, or over existing roofing felt
  • Can be used on sheds, summerhouses, workshops, garages, playhouses, log cabins, bike stores, shelters and log stores.
  • No cutting of tiles is usually needed, but can be performed with a hacksaw of required
  • Attractive corrugated design and dark colour
  • Simple to install – tools required electric screwdriver, tape measure, step ladders
  • Easy to handle, light weight tiles – max weight 2.0kg per tile
  • Improves the durability of the roof – rain water runs downs the channels in the tiles
  • Fixing screws and timber battens included
  • Flexible ridge tiles accommodate a wide range of roof angles
  • Each kit supplies the correct number of tiles to cover the roof of the shed
  • Tiles made from corrugated bituminous material
  • Available in popular shed sizes to fit apex roofs
  • Roofing kits for timber framed garden buildings
  • No maintenance needed – simply brush loose debris away periodically
  • Can be used with or without guttering
  • Easy-to-handle, light-weight flexible tiles - max weight 2.0kg per tile
  • Tiles made from water-repellent bitumen
  • Tiles overlap lengthways and width ways to provide a weatherproof seal
  • A complete kit of parts consisting of roof tiles, ridge tiles, timber battens, fixing screws and screw caps

Watershed Tile Sizes
Actual ( w x h)
Full tile 866 x 666
Half Width 433 x 666
Half Height 866 x 333
Quarter tile 433 x 333
Ridge Tile 1000 x 495

WA04-242-215 Watershed Roofing kit for 3x5ft.........£116.95
WA04-242-215 Watershed Roofing kit for 3x6ft..........£116.95
WA04-242-215 Watershed Roofing kit for 4x6ft..........£116.95
WA06-200-214 Watershed Roofing kit for 5x5ft.........£111.95
WA08-400-217 Watershed Roofing kit for 6x6ft.........£141.95
WA06-400-318 Watershed Roofing kit for 5x7ft.........£137.95
WA12-400-320 Watershed Roofing kit for 6x8ft.........£187.95
WA12-400-322 Watershed Roofing kit for 6ftx9ft.......£191.95
WA10-460-324 Watershed Roofing kit for 7x7ft.........£201.95
WA12-462-326 Watershed Roofing kit for 7x8ft.........£226.95
WA14-400-424 Watershed Roofing kit for 6x10ft.......£225.95
WA18-400-428 Watershed Roofing kit for 6x12ft.......£263.95
WA18-600-327 Watershed Roofing kit for 8x8ft.........£253.95
WA22-400-432 Watershed Roofing kit for 8x10ft.......£302.95
WA28-400-437 Watershed Roofing kit for 8x12ft.......£357.95
WA30-600-542 Watershed Roofing kit for 8x14ft.......£399.95
WA28-800-440 Watershed Roofing kit for 10x10ft.....£381.95
WA36-800-446 Watershed Roofing kit for 10x12ft.....£455.95
WA40-800-552 Watershed Roofing kit for 10x14ft.....£505.95
WA48-800-658 Watershed Roofing kit for 10x16ft.....£589.95

Prices include free delivery to most UK post codes.
For delivery to postcodes DD; KW; IV; AB; PH; PA and all offshore address, please contact for a quote and lead time.